The Tools You Need For The Website You Want

Intuitive Editing Interface

Big Santo makes it super-easy to edit your site content. Just rollover and click to edit.

Elegant Designs

Big Santo designs are in a league of their own. Professional and sophisticated.

Image Galleries

Creating a stunning gallery with a variety of visualization options and cool animations is a breeze.


Use the built-in features with your favorite payment gateway to create your online shop.

Email Marketing Tools

Collect email addesses directly from the site and send out targeted email campaigns with ease.

Search Engine Optimization

All sites built with Big Santo are search engine-friendly out of the box.

Online Forms

Big Santo's form editor lets you create feedback, subscription, and other web forms with a few clicks.

Member Areas

Provide restricted access to valuable content to selected members after registration.

Community Tools

Create community and build loyal customers using the built-in blog and discussion forums


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